Full Face Makeover

Full face makeover is an art in which we redesign face. After examination of face, we plan rejuvenation of whole face by combining various procedures. Full face makeover is done as per individual face need.

Lip Makeover

Thin lips always makes face look aged. Lip makeover is a procedure by which we give plumber look to the lips. Lip filler is the most common procedure being done at our clinic. Lip micropigmentation is an advance service available at our center.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is the treatment of choice for baldness management. FUE is the most popular method of Hair Transplant worldwide. In this process Hair follicle is taken from back of scalp and implanted over bald area. Implanted Hairs starts growing in 3-4 months.

Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment is the best treatment of choice for mild to moderate Hair loss. It provides Natural & long lasting results when done properly. We at Jaipur cosmetic & anti aging clinic providing latest with Hair Laser for best results.

Fillers Treatment

Ageing results in volume loss on our face that makes wrinkles more apparent. We inject face fillers like Hyaluronic acid fillers to rejuvenate face. Fillers when injected by experts results in excellent correction of deep folds & wrinkles.

Thread Face Lift

Ageing results on lines, wrinkles and deep folds on the skin of face. Ageing also causes sagging on face. Thread facelift is an advanced safe latest method used for Non-Surgical facelift. It gives lightening & lifting effect on skin. It redefines face contours & reposition face tissues to their original location. Thread lift is a minimal invasive procedure compare to surgical facelift.

Finelines and Wrinkles Correction

Fine lines & Wrinkle correction gives youthful look. Today various products are available for wrinkle correction but good results are achieved only when we address exact cause of ageing. We at Jaipur cosmetic and anti ageing clinic follows a 3D approach for wrinkle correction.

Facial Contouring

Ideal Face features includes good looking nose, plumper lips, glow and tightened cheek, prominent chin, sharp jaw line. Face contouring is a procedure to enhance face features. We are expert in face makeover treatments. By face contouring we help to achieve ideal proportions on face.

Double Chin Reduction Treatment

We believe in single treatment for double chin. After examination it is decided whether double chin is due to excess fat or losses skin or muscle due to muscle abnormality. We can give a attractive look to your chin by our signature single line treatment.

Skin Lightening Therapy

Skin whitening is a complex topic. We examine skin and plan the best treatment for skin whitening. We don’t claim unrealistic results skin whitening at our center is achieved by balancing of excessive melanin with the help of cosmetic medicines & various therapies.

Pre Bridal Face Makeover

Beautiful face on the best day of your life is the desire of everyone. We offer 3month bride face makeover package that address various issues on face like Acne, pigmentation, dark circles, fine lines etc. We also plan Lip makeover and smile makeover for the best smile.

Laser Hair Removal Service

We provide best Laser Hair Removal Services in Jaipur. We provide complete guideline for the management of failure cases.

Scar Treatment

Scars are formed due to excessive collagen production after acne, Trauma, burn etc. Scars must be treated for the emotional well being of the patient. Scar treatment usually takes 4-6 months.

Skin Glow

Skin Glow is the most natural procedure to rejuvenate face. is most commonly performed procedure for skin glow and very famous among celebrities

Acne Treatment

Acne is the most common problem of growing teenagers. Enlarged skin pores with excess oil production are the main culprit for Acne. When these are infected by bacteria infection occurs. Nowadays adults are suffering from acne in later ages also. Acne treatment should be initiated as early as possible to prevent scar formation.

Dark Circle Treatment.

The thin skin around eyes is very sensitive to any changes in deeper layers. Dark Circle is very common problem of nowadays. Dark circle treatment is decided based on grade of dark circles. Dark Circle reduction is only possible when proper diagnosis and treatment planning is done.